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Farming Competitions Should Reward Sustainability

  I admit it – I’m smitten with the 28 ribbons and $103 in prize money I won for my veggies at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair this week.  Make no mistake – for me, it’s not about winning (…if you ain’t first, you’re last Ricky Bobby…) as much as it is about my little […]

Wine, Tasting Rooms & Balloons: Latex is Not Indicative of Sonoma Terroir (or Environmental Responsibility)

I have been overtaken by an escalating disdain for the wine industry’s love of party balloons.  In an era were many are striving towards sustainability in winemaking and viticulture, these symbols of a wasteful and “throw away” society are brilliantly flapping in the winds of vineyards across America. For the past couple of years I […]

Ice Wine Industry Challenged by Climate Change

Many prestigious winemakers in the Czech Republic are relieved this week after an Arctic blast drove temperatures below 19 degrees Farenheit (-7 degrees Celsius), finally allowing for the harvest of frozen grapes used to make ice wine.  “Thanks God! It’s minus 13 (Celsius) today,” said Antonin Zatloukal, deputy director of the Znovin Znojmo.  “We never […]

Protecting Soils in Sonoma: A Moratorium on Hillside Vineyard Development

A forest cleared for vineyard planting in Sonoma County On January 31, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors imposed a four-month moratorium on the development of vineyards on forested slopes and hilltops.  This halt on new vines is meant to buy the County time to update the existing regulations that allow for some development on […]

Mobile Source Toxics and Terroir: Going the Extra Ten Miles in Napa Valley

Ever been stuck in Napa Valley traffic?  Locked in a snaking queue of SUVs, fancy sedans and convertibles, feeling like a fool for being such a weekend warrior?  Live in the Valley and dread the bottleneck that is St. Helena on a Friday afternoon?  Is there a better way to fly?  Napa Transit Investors (NTI) […]

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