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The Maker Revolution (Will Not Be Televised)

The Home Standard: MakerBot   Dear Former Pong and Atari Players, you thought you arrived with desktop computing and laser printers, handheld devices, apps, networking, and online over-sharing…but you’re still in a technology desert…lost in a dreamy mirage.  A revolution of Makers and the technologies supporting DIY manufacturing is about to change our economy, our […]

Heirloom Grapes & Climate Change: Ensuring Wine Sustainability Through Genetic Diversity

                                                                                    Jim Richarson Photography Last week, the Long Now Foundation hosted National Geographic photographer […]

Net Loss for the Environment: The Burning of Vineyard Vines Makes a Less Sustainable Wine

  A long-time resident of Calistoga recently told me of a time before the Clean Air Act when smog from San Francisco Bay would blow up the Napa Valley, tinting the sky with a lovely russet hue.  Now it seems that the largest threat to air quality in many wine regions (besides the obvious automobile […]

Ice Wine Industry Challenged by Climate Change

Many prestigious winemakers in the Czech Republic are relieved this week after an Arctic blast drove temperatures below 19 degrees Farenheit (-7 degrees Celsius), finally allowing for the harvest of frozen grapes used to make ice wine.  “Thanks God! It’s minus 13 (Celsius) today,” said Antonin Zatloukal, deputy director of the Znovin Znojmo.  “We never […]

Protecting Soils in Sonoma: A Moratorium on Hillside Vineyard Development

A forest cleared for vineyard planting in Sonoma County On January 31, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors imposed a four-month moratorium on the development of vineyards on forested slopes and hilltops.  This halt on new vines is meant to buy the County time to update the existing regulations that allow for some development on […]

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